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Relaxation Scripts

Stressed? Anxious? Having trouble sleeping?

Trying to learn how to really relax?

The following audio files can help you slow your body and mind. Reach a true relaxation response – these scripts will gently guide your through various types of relaxation exercises.

Each audio file costs $9.99For your convenience and security, payments are accepted through PayPal.  Dr. Alessandra Wall also offers monthly relaxation seminars at PsychSanDiego, and one on one relaxation training sessions. Please contact her for further details.

Please Note: Once you have made payment, in the payment confirmation window, you will find a link to take you to the download page where you can then download your audio file.


  • Deep Breathing Training – For beginners in the art of relaxation, this file will help you learn how to focus on, and place your breath. Deep breathing is the foundation of relaxation. More than just sitting back or taking a break, it actually leads to a number of physiologic changes that are associated with a relaxed body and brain called the relaxation response. For more information on this download and read our free Anxiety and Relaxation Primer.

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation: This is a 30-minute exercise that will help you let go and relax every muscle group in your body.

  • My Private Island: A visualization exercise that will teach you how to use your mind to create an effective retreat. One that can be accessed anywhere and anytime through the power of imagination.  Dr. Alessandra Wall will first walk you through an imagery script and then give you pointers on how to create your very own imagery relaxation script.

 To learn more about Relaxation 101 or individual sessions click here.



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